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Colored Cornstarch FAQ
How do I disperse the colored cornstarch?
  There are several ways to get the colored cornstarch onto your participants: 
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Ice cream scoops
  • 5 oz. Dixie cups
  • Throwing by hand
Using a squeeze bottle, scoop, or cup will make your colored cornstarch last longer that throwing it by hand. 
How much should I order?
  For 5Ks and color war/powder fight type events, we recommend 1/2 lb to 1 lb per person. How much you use within that range depends on how many color stations your event will have, how many people will be throwing the color at each station along the route, and how generously they are throwing it.

If you want everyone to throw a packet of colored cornstarch at the same time or at the finish line, you will want to order 75 gram packets, at least 1 packet per person. 

Is colored cornstarch safe?
  Please review the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to learn more.
Should I protect my eyes or mouth?
We haven't heard of any issues from any of our customers or at any of the events that we have helped with. To be safe though, we would recommend anyone that has asthma to take precautions, be smart about their decision, and use their best judgment.

We have seen several folks wear bandannas and dust masks, even racing helmets. Not sure if  the people wore those because they actually had asthma or if they just didn't want to get the colored cornstarch powder in their mouths.

Review our Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 
What type of events have used colored cornstarch?

So birthday parties are a given, right? Good thing we pride ourselves on thinkin’ beyond those outer areas of the box. And lucky for you, we live to impress, I mean, share, so here comes some knowledge awesomeness (mostly from our customers):

  • Graduation After-Parties – C’mon son! You throw a color party for your Senior and maybe they will remember who you are when they’re away at college. Get yourself some easy and well-deserved parent points! I can see it now. There are 13 stops (color stations) along the route of your Senior’s life–one for each year of school. So very bitter sweet, but more sweet than bitter. Stop cryin’! What are you waitin’ on? Hit us up!
  • Homecoming Football Games – Close your eyes and stroll with me. Pretend you’re in high school. I know, I know, right? It’s Homecoming. The glammed up part of the night has passed. It’s 4th quarter with 5 seconds to go. 5–4–3–2–1 You won! Hundreds of fans run onto the field to celebrate good times! Bursts of your school colors shoot up in the air! Is that a Soul Train line formin’? No way, is that you comin’ through the clouds of color servin’ up your best “in your face” victory dance? It is! Now pose, and pose, and pose, cause this is definitely goin’ in the yearbook. Ok, open your eyes.
  • 5K Run or Walks – As crazy as it sounds, people really do pay $25 to $50 per person to 1) exercise, 2) get filth flarn filthy covered with colored cornstarch, and 3) support charities. Our crew just volunteered (and supplied the party powder) for Color Me Chattanooga, a 5K that raised a lot of money for Signal Centers who serves disabled children and adults!
  • Corporate Events– Raise your hand if you think “color storming” your boss or possibly a short list, you know what I mean, of your co-workers would be a ba-jillion times better than those “Team Building” exercises you’d give your last donut to have erased from your memory? Well, good. We all agree.
  • Award Celebrations - In May 2013, Nolan Elementary School's PTA won 2 awards and plan to celebrate in COLOR with the students and parents. We'll be sure to post pictures after the event.
  • Camo Party - Got a request for custom camo colors! Yes, indeed! So excited about how super special that little boy's birthday is going to be.
  • 5th Grade Graduation - This idea came to us from a super creative parent at Ringgold Elementary School who is known for throwin' the coolest parties. Color My Party folks went to the event and it was so much fun. Parents, teachers, and even the principal didn't think twice when volunteers were needed to throw colored powder at the kiddos. What an awesome memory for some very special 5th graders!
  • College Recruitment Events - We have heard from several colleges about using color as part of their campus tour and recruitment events as well as color wars, music events, homecoming, and fraternity and sorority events. COLOR ON, Colleges!
  • Wedding Reception - You didn't read that wrong! Get hitched, then walk out those doors to your reception in COLOR! What an awesome memory to share with all of your family and friends!
  • Gender Reveal - Boy or Girl? They are all dying to know, but what is fun and creative way we could tell all of our family and friends which one we are having? By having a Gender Reveal COLOR PARTY!
  • Color War or Powder Fight - Summer camps are all about Color Wars so this was a great fit for them, but it works for groups of all sizes. Just pick your colors, don't forget the squeeze bottles, and fire away!
  • No Wedding, No Cry - HAVE A COLOR PARTY INSTEAD! - This is hard to believe, but we have had a couple of customers whose wedding was called off and decided to trash the dress they were going to wear. Why not, right? 
  • Photo Shoots - There have been some amazing photo shoots with colored cornstarch and we're sure there will be more to come.